Segesta, Sicily Ancient Greek AR Tetradrachm, 415-409 B.C., BMC #32

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Segesta, a town in northwestern Sicily.

Obverse: SEGESTAXIA, head of the nymph Segesta right, wearing triple-pendant earring and a necklace
with pendants, hair bound in ampyx and a star embroidered sakkos; stalk of barley below.

Reverse: Youthful hunter, naked, accompanied by two dogs; his conical cap falls back upon his shoulders; he holds two javelins and stands with one foot resting on rock.

Diameter: 27 mm

BECKER, BMC 32 Stamped on rim, stamped with the word copy on reverse
Silver plated lead free pewter, made in the USA
Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert.



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