Shekel of Bar Kochba Silver Tetradrachm Year 2 Necklace

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Shekel of Bar Kokhba Necklace

Handmade solid .925 silver replica coin set in a 14k gold bezel with a 14k bail.

Diameter:  25mm (1 inch) 
33mm (1.32 inch)

Chain:  18 inch Sterling Silver 2.5mm Wheat

Obverse: Paleo-Hebrew Inscription: Jerusalem; Tetrastyle facade of the Temple in Jerusalem, within the interior, Ark of the Covenant in chest form; above architrave, cross-rosette.
Reverse:  Paleo-Hebrew Inscription: Year 2 of the Freedom of Israel; Lulav thrice bound; at top flanking large palm tip to to right, to the left, willow; in left field, etrog.


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