Spanish .950 Silver 4 Real Pendant in 14K gold bezel

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Silver Cob Pendant Only – Without Chain

Timeless Elegance: Historical Allure

Discover a piece of history intricately preserved in the Potosi Silver Cob Pendant.

The .925 solid Silver cob is an exact copy of the original 4 Reales coin.

The original coin was struck in 1753 at the Spanish colonial mint in Potosi, Bolivia—a true relic from the past.

The rich details of the coin, visible in every curve and mark, transport you back to the era of treasure galleons and high-sea adventures.

Craftsmanship: 14K Gold Detailing

The Potosi Silver Cob Pendant’s elegance is elevated by its 14K gold bezel. This luxurious touch enhances the visual appeal and adds a layer of sophistication and durability. The combination of gold and silver ensures that the pendant stands out in any jewelry collection, providing the perfect blend of strength and beauty. This exceptional craftsmanship makes the pendant an ideal gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

A Statement of Distinction

Measuring 1.61 inches in length and 1.2 inches in width, the Potosi Silver Cob Pendant is designed to make a statement. Its substantial size makes it the focal point of any outfit. It promises to capture attention and spark conversations, embodying a unique blend of historical significance and contemporary style.


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