1678 St. Patrick Silver Farthing

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St. Patrick Silver Farthing Coinage
(Mark Newby Coinage)

Mark Newby, who immigrated to America from Dublin, Ireland, in 1861, brought with him a number of copper pieces believed to have been struck by Dublin.

In 1682 the General Assembly of New Jersey made the coins legal tender. Newby as a member of the West Jersey Legislature, influenced this act. There was no mention of the St. Patrick Silver Farthing in this act.

The value of an original St. Patrick Silver Farthing in the condition of this replica is about $13,500.

Obverse: King David kneeling and playing the harp. The legend FLOREAT REX (“May King Prosper”) is separated by a crown.

Reverse: St. Patrick standing holding a metropolitan cross in his left hand. Church to the right and vanquished serpents to the left (a reference to Saint Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland). Legend is QUIESCAT PLEBS (“May the People Be at Ease”).

Diameter: 24 mm

Silver plated lead-free


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