Coin Replicas | Colonial coins with rifle by Gene Austin

We are happy to announce the our new website is now up and running. Below are some of the enchantments that were solely needed and implemented.


  • Features of new website

Coins are now listed in alphabetical order.

New search function on right margin to find specific coins faster.

Items on Sale is a new  category on the SHOP drop down menu.

Larger images.



  • Shopping cart

Now when you add  an  item   to the cart you are not taken to the cart but remain where you are so you can continue shopping from were you left off.

See what you have added to shopping cart on the right margin along with the cost of items in your cart.

You can create an account so you do not have to re-enter all your data when you return to the site at a future time.

We are currently working on replacing many of the bad product photos on the site that don’t
represent the true nature of the coins.  Work in progress.

Check out the new website:  here




Photo by:  Gene Austin
Website by:  The Web Dude

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