St. Patrick Halfpenny Coinage 1674-1675
(Mark Newby Coinage-1681)


Originally minted for use in Ireland, Mark Newby who immigrated to West New Jersey in 1681 brought with him a large supply of these coins

In 1682 the General Assembly of West New Jersey made the coins legal tender allowing them to circulate as small change at the rate of a halfpenny replacing the standard payment
with wampum. Newby as a member of the West Jersey Legislature influenced this act.

Newby died a year later, and his estate included roughly 10,800 coins.  These coins filled an important need for commerce and remained in circulation throughout the colonial period.


St Patrick Halfpenny

Obverse: King David kneeling and playing a harp. The legend FLOREAT REX
(“May the King Prosper”) is separated by a crown.
Reverse: St. Patrick with a crozier in his left hand and a trefoil in his right. He is
surrounded by people. At his left side is a shield of Dublin.
The legend WCCE GREX (“Behold the Flock”).

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