ulius Caesar’s Assassination, La morte di Cesare by Vincenzo Camuccini. Vincenzo Camuccini, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, {PD-US-expired}.

“Beware the ides of March,” wrote Shakespeare about the day of Julius Caesar’s assassination. Now, over 2,000 years later, tourists can finally visit the site of this infamous killing, which set off a series of events leading to the end of the Roman Republic. While tourists had previously been able to see the site from a distance, the newly accessible square is sure to become an instant attraction. Continued reading

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Julius Caesar 44 B.C. Perpetual Dictator Coin

The office held by Julius Caesar towards the end of his life was known as the dictatorship. It was a position of immense power and authority. He was granted this title between January 26th and February 15th in the year 44 BCE. However, his time as dictator was cut short, as he was assassinated shortly thereafter on March 15th. This event, famously known as the Ides of March, marked the end of Caesar’s life and had significant consequences for the future of Rome.

Brutus EID-MAR Coin

Brutus, also known as Marcus Junius Brutus, was a Roman senator and a leading instigator of Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 B.C., an event famously marked on the Ides of March (EID-MAR). In a brazen act of propaganda, Brutus subsequently minted a coin, the EID-MAR denarius, to commemorate the political assassination. One side of the coin bore the image of Brutus, while the other carried two daggers with a liberty cap between them and the inscription “EID MAR”, referring to the Ides of March. This coin symbolized the end of Caesar’s reign and served as Brutus’s proclamation of restoring the Roman Republic from what he perceived as tyranny. Brutus’s EID-MAR coin is a unique historical artifact, representing the audacious intersection of politics, power, and public perception in Ancient Rome.

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