1760 Spanish Milled (Pillar) Dollar Replica

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Colonial American Coinage

1760 Spanish Milled (Pillar) Dollar – Quality Replica

  • The Pillar Dollar was also cut into fractional pieces known as a piece of eight which also had fractional parts (one, two, and four reals).
  • The eight real dollar and its fractional parts were a standard money unit during colonial times and circulated in early America with official sanction until 1859.
  • This coin bears the mint mark for Mexico City.
  • On the obverse VTRAQUE VNUM” (Together they are one), M 1760 M, Displays two hemispheres of a world map, crowned between the Pillars of Hercules adorned with the PLVS VLT[R]A motto.
  • On the reverse CAROLVS • III • D • G • HISPAN • ET IND • REX *, crowned arms. M/M to left, 8 to right

This is a quality replica created by Peter Rosa. Copies of these coins are sold by others but no one can match the quality of his original work.

Diameter: 38 mm

Material: Silver Plated Pewter

Made in the USA

This coin is stamped on the obverse with the word copy.


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