Julia Soaemias / Juno Denarius A.D. 218–222

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Mother of the Roman Emperor Elagabalus.

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Julia Soaemias

Julia Soaemias was a Syrian noblewoman and mother of the Roman Emperor Elagabalus. She rose to power by using her beauty and charm to become the mistress of the Roman Emperor Caracalla, who was her cousin. After Caracalla’s assassination, Julia Soaemias used her influence to secure the throne for her son, Elagabalus.

During her son’s reign, Julia Soaemias played an active role in politics, and she was known for her ambition and ruthless tactics. She encouraged her son’s controversial religious policies, which included the worship of the Syrian sun god, Elagabalus, and the denigration of traditional Roman gods.

Julia Soaemias was eventually executed, along with her son, by the Praetorian Guard in 222 AD, ending her brief but controversial stint as a powerful figure in Roman history.

Obverse:  IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVGVSTA, draped bust right

Reverse:   IVNO REGINA, Juno standing right, holding scepter & palladium.

Diameter: 18mm

Silver Plated leads free metal


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