Claudius / Agrippina Junior 41-54 AD Roman Gold Aureus

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Claudius 41-54 AD

Bust of the Roman Emperor Claudius, 37-64 CE. Marble. From Acerra near Formia, Italy

Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was born on August 1, 10 BC.

His parents were Nero Claudius Drusus and Antonia Minor. Nero Claudius Drusus, also known as Drusus the Elder, was a prominent military commander and the younger brother of future Emperor Tiberius. Antonia Minor was the younger of two surviving daughters of Octavia Minor (sister of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus) and Mark Antony. Through his mother, Claudius was a great-nephew of Augustus.

Declared emperor by the Praetorian Guard after Caligula’s assassination.

Emperor Claudius was the fourth Roman Emperor who ruled from 41 AD to 54 AD during the classical period of the Roman Empire.

Claudius was considered physically weak and unattractive in his youth and was overlooked for public office until his uncle, Emperor Caligula, was assassinated. Suddenly, Claudius found himself declared Emperor by the Praetorian Guard. Despite his unexpected rise to power and initial unpopularity, Claudius proved to be an effective ruler. He expanded the Roman Empire by conquering Britain and made significant reforms to the government, legal system, and public works.


Bust of Agrippina the Younger. National Museum, Warsaw, Poland

Agrippina the Younger

In 49 AD, Claudius married his fourth wife, Agrippina the Younger. She was ambitious and influential, wielding considerable power during Claudius’s reign. Agrippina was the mother of Nero from her previous marriage, whom she sought to place on the throne. Historians believe that Agrippina may have poisoned Claudius in 54 AD to secure the succession of her son. After Claudius’s death, Nero became the Emperor, and the Julio-Claudian dynasty continued.



Coin Details:

Obverse: TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM P M TRIB POT P P, laureate head right

Reverse: AGRIPPINAE AVGVSTAE, draped bust of Agrippina right

Diameter: 18 mm

Material: 24k Gold plated lead-free pewter.



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